Sister Travel Tales

24 May 2018
Swati : Hey, wanna go to Ladakh?
Kalpana : I’ve heard Spiti is beautiful.

25 August 2018
2 weeks later, we were in Spiti star gazing and mesmerized by the nature and my dear! 
We had the time of our lives!
I don’t have a specific cherished memory from the trip because each day was amazing, every minute of it.

We have never been very close as kids but then this trip came along and we bonded all over again, as sisters, as friends and as Co-travelers.
The feeling is different you know, traveling with your sister. We laugh together, speak the same tongue, have loads of memories to go back to and to share with other people, exchange clothes and above all- We understand each other and stand by each other.

As they say – There is nothing stronger than the sacred bond of family.

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