A boy or a girl someone asked?

And with a hint of excitement and Hope, I said “A girl!! I want a girl child”. I continued … In today’s world where every mother asks her daughter to be careful and not to trust anybody, I want to tell her that she can trust me. That she
will always have a friend who will be ready to listen, be it her first crush or her first smoke.

I want to tell my daughter that I understand her emotions and I know what she is going through.

I want her to know that she shouldn’t be afraid if she has a boyfriend, or got sloshed drinking,

I will be there to support her. So what if she is wrong sometimes, I was too when I was going though that phase.

I will be her confidant and tell her it’s going to be okay.
” I trust you and just make sure you look out for yourself.” In this world which seems to be so indifferent towards a girl, I will give her a small world of happiness. THINKING ABOUT CHANGING THE WORLD, I WOULD LIKE TO START BY CHANGING ‘A’ WORLD .

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